Hookah Charcoal Qoco Turbo and innovative technology “Ultra Carbon”

All hookah lovers have long been accustomed to using coconut charcoal and now there are a large number of manufacturers and brands. The main requirements that professionals place on quality coal for hookah are:
– stable burning
– ash minimum
– no smell
– stable coal quality from shipment to shipment
– convenient form
– profitable price
Now the market has a lot of good coal for hookah, every hookahman always has one or two brands that he trusts and he will hardly pay attention to something new. Is it possible to come up with something on the question of coal for hookah that will truly surprise you?
The Russian hookah company Meg Holding has been operating in the market for more than 15 years. This organization was one of the first to deal with the supply of coconut coal for hookah.
For the past few years, during a long period of “trial and error”, the company has been developing a new technology for the production of hookah coal, which has been called “Ultra Carbon”. This technology makes it possible to produce coal with a higher carbon content, without prejudice to the other qualitative characteristics (stability of combustion, problem with attenuation, ash, etc.).
What does it mean? Coal burns and keeps very long! Significantly longer than what you used to work with.
– one serving of coal is enough for the entire session of hookah smoking, you don’t have to warm up and put on a new portion of coal – this is convenient and you save your time
– coal consumption is significantly reduced, you save on your expenses

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Meg Holding

The trading company MEG-Holding has been operating in the Russian hookah market since September 2004. The main direction is the wholesale supply of hookahs, coal and related products in Russia and the CIS countries. Working with us, you get the goods directly, without intermediaries at the best prices. We cooperate with factories in Germany, Belgium, Indonesia, China, as well as with a large number of suppliers and manufacturers from Russia. Today, there are more than 500 of our partners in the territory of the Russian Federation, most of them work with us and trust us from the very beginning of our activity. Want to become a dealer in your region or get advice? Write to us! Here you will find everything you need to open and maintain the store’s range, as well as an assortment for working with the horeca.

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